W. A. Bragg and Company- A business devoted to its customers

oct. 12, 2021
W. A Bragg & Co. is a leading distributor of plumbing, electrical and irrigation supplies and operates in six locations throughout South Carolina and East Central Georgia. W.A. Bragg & Co. serves contractors, builders, and homeowners and prides itself as a business devoted to its customers. 

W. A. Bragg’s newest showroom located in Evans, GA held its grand opening last November. The 4,000 square foot showroom hosts a broad line of plumbing fixtures including American Standard, JADO and Porcher. Customers looking to upgrade their home are referred to the Evans showroom where they specialize in helping customers create the ultimate bath and kitchen at an affordable price. 

Showroom manager Brandi English recently took some time to answer questions pertaining to the Evans showroom. 

What do customers like most about your showroom? 

English: Customers like to test products before they purchase, the open layout of the showroom creates a welcoming environment for the customer to explore and experience the product. Our showroom features working displays that serves as a personal experience to the customer on functionality and style. The customer can feel the different spray patterns of multiple showerheads, hear the hushed environment of the EcoSilent™ whirlpool, see the power of the Champion 4 flush and feel the pressure on the uncompromising yet water conserving bathroom faucets. 

What makes your showroom stand apart from other bath and kitchen resources in your market? 

English: This is simple, the variety of design styles and our customer service. Most customers have a design style they prefer. Our showroom layout is set up into styles which makes it easy for a home owner to narrow their selection. We have also incorporated the styles into a themed suite. For example, we have an Asian/Spa theme with a clean modern design using the Porcher Tetsu soaking tub and wall hung vanity. Some of our other themes are Country, Greek, European and Traditional. We even have an ECO section and an ADA decorative suite that features products for the green minded customer. 

Our customer service is unparalleled. We walk the customer through their project from the beginning of the design to selecting the product to the final inspection. We understand this is an exciting time for most customers so we help make this part of their building process fun. We find it important to build relationships with our customers and the relationships we build last many years. 

What style advice do you give your customers who look for plumbing products? 

English: I tell customers to go with what makes them happy. Plumbing products usually remain in the home for a long time. The plumbing fixture is like a cake and the accessories are the frosting; pick a cake that goes with different frostings so that you can change out the feel of the bathroom. I make sure the selections are a reflection of my customer’s personality and style. 

What is your most popular American Standard Brands collection and why? 

English: Our market is very transitional and it makes it hard to pick one collection but the Portsmouth collection from American Standard is a personal favorite. 

Tell us about a project where you suggested products from American Standard Brands? 

English: We recently worked with a homeowner who owned a beach house and was looking to upgrade the bathrooms. We suggested they use the Tropic collection in all of the bathrooms for its style and functionality. The Tropic collection offered them a complete design from the wall hung vanity, mirror and one piece toilet in the guest bathroom to two of the 30” vanities, mirrors, faucets and toilet with the wall console in the master bath. The homeowner was very pleased with the look and especially with the performance of the Tropic toilet which is located in the busiest bathroom in the house. 

Did your showroom host the “Responsible Bathroom Tour”? 

English: Yes, we hosted the “Responsible Bathroom tour” and it was a huge success. We had news coverage and several articles written about the water conservation event. It was a great way to let our customers know about the importance of water conservation and what they can do to help a great cause.

Pour toutes questions ou informations supplémentaires contactez:


Hunter PR

American Standard

E-mail: AmericanStandard@hunterpr.com


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