ActiVate™ Touchless Flush Technology


Germ-free, No-touch flush

Bathrooms are notorious for germs, and toilets are a prime culprit, so we have engineered a high performance toilet that features a Germ-free, No-touch flush, ActiVate™.

Long-Lasting, 2-Year Battery Life Included*

The system is powered by 4 AA batteries that last up to two years based on an average of 12 flushes a day*. Batteries are included with the purchase of the toilet. The sensor will indicate when it is time to replace the batteries by blinking red when a flush is activated.
A Flush You Can Rely on Every Time

ActiVate™ touchless flush technology is reliable and offers consistent optimal performance and prevents unintentional flushes. Simply wave your hand within 2 inches from the sensor to activate a flush.
Convenient Manual Flush Option

As a backup, a manual flush button is located on the sensor for quick and convenient access if needed.
Power-Off Mode for Ease of Cleaning

For less hassle while cleaning the toilet, the sensor can be powered off to avoid unwanted flushes by pressing the power icon located on the sensor.


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